Death of the Movie Star – What It Means for Hollywood’s Future

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Is the true movie star is dying out? The history of the movies is a history of movie stars –- they were the reason why people came to the movies. But now – it’s not actors that draw people to the cinema, it’s properties. The big tentpole releases that get the buzz tend to be ongoing franchises or reboots, where the performers feel subservient to the overall product. On the flipside, actors now have more freedom than they did in the past, and movies aren’t the be all and end all anymore with the rise of prestige TV. So is the true movie star dying out because the business has changed, or because actors have changed?

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00:00 Are Hollywood stars a dying breed?
01:22 The last of the REAL movie stars
04:37 MUBI
05:31 What really shifted things for Hollywood actors?
10:24 The big franchise takeover
12:58 How it became so hard to break into Hollywood