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Free Western Movie: The Long Day of the Massacre – Spaghetti Western – A sheriff suspended for excessive brutality fights corrupt authorities, bandits and others.

The Long Day of the Massacre (1968)
Director: Alberto Cardone (as Albert Cardiff)
Writers: Mario Gariazzo (story), Alberto Cardone (screenplay)
Stars: Peter Martell, Manuel Serrano, Luisa Baratto
Genres: Western
Country: Italy
Language: English
Release Date: 29 August 1968 (Italy)
Also Known As: Hängt den Sherif

Peter Martell is Joe Williams, a sheriff with a knack for bringing them back dead.

That doesn’t amuse the local judge, who reminds him that even the most vicious killers deserve a trial.

So when three of Pedro La Muerte’s henchmen try to ambush Joe in his sleep, he indeed tries to bring them in alive.

But, sure enough, a gun battle breaks out. The Green brothers wind up dead. And the judge demands Joe’s badge, putting deputy Evans (Glenn Saxson) in his place.

Then Pedro’s band kills two settlers in a search for Joe and manage to pin the blame on the ex-lawman. Pretty soon, Joe has a $7,000 bounty on his head.

But he still proves a problem for Pedro and his gang.

When they rob the local bank, it’s Joe who winds up with the loot. And Pedro’s going to have a hard time getting him to tell where that gold’s hidden. Written on

Take away the seemingly endless scenes of characters riding around, the chase scenes and some very unconvincing fisticuffs, and there wouldn’t be much left to this Spaghetti Western.

There are two pretty ladies on hand. Luisa Baratto plays Joe’s girlfriend. She wants to marry so she can stop traveling from town to town with her brother Adam, selling magic elixir.

Then there’s Daniela Giordano in one of her better roles as Paquita, who rides right alongside Pedro on his raids and comes up with many of the gang’s best ideas, including framing Joe and later threatening his girl with rape in order to learn where the loot is hidden.

But remember, the key plot device here is that Joe’s in trouble for dispensing law with his gun. For playing judge, jury and exectioner.

Then comes the climatic massacre mentioned in the title. Guess who initiates it? That’s right, Evans, the man who replaced Joe as sheriff. Hmm. Written on

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title): Il lungo giorno del massacro
Brazil: O Longo Dia do Massacre
Germany (DVD box title): Hängt den Sheriff
Greece (transliterated title): Nekrotafeia dihos tafous
Spain: El largo día de la masacre
Sweden: Häng sheriffen!
West Germany (video title): Das Gesetz der Erbarmungslosen
The Long Day of the Massacre


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